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Two Recently Published Self Help Books

Dollars and Sense pic
Dollars and Sense

With extensive experience in courtroom litigation, Miami, FL-based Rami Shmuely practices with Chavin Mitchell Shmuely, P.A., and represents clients in diverse cases involving accidents and personal injuries. Fitness and wellness focused, Rami Shmuely enjoys reading self help books in his free time.

A recent Business Insider article brought attention to the top books in this genre published in 2017. Dollars and Sense by Dan Ariely and Jeff Kreisler explores spending and saving in behavioral economics terms, with an emphasis on common money management pitfalls.

An example of one of these pitfalls is the tendency to view money in relative terms, rather than as an absolute value. When making a purchase such as a $100 dollar pair of jeans, it is often tempting to throw in $10 for a pair of socks to go with them. However, if the jeans themselves were purchased for a lower price, $10 would seem extravagant for a single pair of socks.

Another book singled out is Jon Acuff’s Finish, which brings focus to strategies for accomplishing important goals, with an emphasis on eliminating perfectionist impulses that make finishing difficult. One such thought pattern is the tendency to discount effort if the activity does not seem like hard work. For example, jogging is enjoyable, so it does not count as much toward one’s fitness goals as weightlifting.