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Bench Press Tips for Beginners


Bench Press pic
Bench Press
Image: muscleandfitness.com

As an attorney with the firm of Chavin Mitchell Shmuely, in North Miami, Florida (FL), Rami Shmuely draws upon his 10-plus years of experience to represent clients in personal injury cases. Outside of his work life, Rami Shmuely is committed to personal fitness through activities such as weightlifting.

One of the fundamental moves that most weight lifters incorporate into their routine is the bench press, as it is a compulsory lift in many different regimens. That said, here are some basic tips about the lift and how to perform it properly.

First, before even attempting the lift, it’s important to adequately warm up the involved muscles in order to prevent injury. There are a number of exercises that are adequate warm-ups–push ups and pull ups are typically the easiest since they don’t require any weights themselves.

When ready to perform the lift, lie down on your back and scoot back until the bar is just above eye level. Take a grip with hands just outside shoulder width and squeeze the bar very tightly. Push back the shoulder blades and arch the back before taking in a big breath and lifting the weight off the rack–always with the help of a spotter. Move the bar down at a 45-degree angle, touch it to the chest slightly below the nipples, and then move it back up at the same angle.

Repeat for as many reps as your plan calls for or, until you can’t do it without the help of your spotter.