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Tips for Fishing from a Boat


Fishing pic
Image: discoverboating.com

As an attorney for Chavin Mitchell Shmuely P.A., in North Miami, FL, Rami Shmuely utilizes his extensive pre-suit negotiations and courtroom litigation experience to prosecute personal injury actions for plaintiffs. In his free time, Rami Shmuely enjoys boating and fishing.

Compared to bank fishing, boat fishing offers you a much wider area to practice your craft and land your catch. These three tips will help you land a fish if you are new to boat fishing on lakes.

1. Kayak – If you cannot afford your own boat and do not have a fishing buddy who owns one, consider kayak fishing. Kayaks are relatively inexpensive and much easier to transport than larger boats. Their small size can even prove advantageous over larger power boats, as they can access harder-to-reach places where the fish are not fished as often and may be more willing to bite.

2. Heat – While bank fishing greatly limits where you can cast, boats eliminate that problem. As the day heats up, fish typically move to deeper waters where the temperature is cooler. Tools to help you judge depth include fish finders and topographical maps of the lake.

3. Safety – Regardless of the type of vessel you are fishing from, safety should always come first. Aside from wearing a life jacket, educate yourself on local laws, rules, and wildlife. For example, if you are fishing in Florida, you would want to look out for alligators.