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Protecting Property in Florida Creditor Claim Situations

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Attorney Rami Shmuely represents clients in litigating personal injury and third-party liability cases in Miami, FL. Rami Shmuely also has extensive knowledge of complex debtor protection matters. Asset protection is a major issue for many Florida residents, with malpractice and corporate and property liability cases on the rise.

With proper insurance a must, a number of state laws impact which assets are applicable when creditor claims arise. One aspect involves declaring the primary Florida residency a “homestead.” Under this classification, it cannot be part of a court-mandated forced sale under state law, with certain exceptions.

Exceptions include situations of tax or assessment payment and contracted obligations related to the property acquisition. With an occupancy requirement in effect, other restrictions to declaring a homestead include having a property size of no more than a half acre within a municipal boundary, and 160 acres outside of a municipality.

Another strategy for those who are married involves the titling of a property as tenants by the entirety (TBE). Through this classification, wife and husband are considered to be “one person.” When this is in effect, neither spouse has the ability to sever the property alone and thus a creditor’s claim against one party cannot be attached to the TBE property.

Bench Press Tips for Beginners


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Bench Press
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As an attorney with the firm of Chavin Mitchell Shmuely, in North Miami, Florida (FL), Rami Shmuely draws upon his 10-plus years of experience to represent clients in personal injury cases. Outside of his work life, Rami Shmuely is committed to personal fitness through activities such as weightlifting.

One of the fundamental moves that most weight lifters incorporate into their routine is the bench press, as it is a compulsory lift in many different regimens. That said, here are some basic tips about the lift and how to perform it properly.

First, before even attempting the lift, it’s important to adequately warm up the involved muscles in order to prevent injury. There are a number of exercises that are adequate warm-ups–push ups and pull ups are typically the easiest since they don’t require any weights themselves.

When ready to perform the lift, lie down on your back and scoot back until the bar is just above eye level. Take a grip with hands just outside shoulder width and squeeze the bar very tightly. Push back the shoulder blades and arch the back before taking in a big breath and lifting the weight off the rack–always with the help of a spotter. Move the bar down at a 45-degree angle, touch it to the chest slightly below the nipples, and then move it back up at the same angle.

Repeat for as many reps as your plan calls for or, until you can’t do it without the help of your spotter.

Tips for Fishing from a Boat


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As an attorney for Chavin Mitchell Shmuely P.A., in North Miami, FL, Rami Shmuely utilizes his extensive pre-suit negotiations and courtroom litigation experience to prosecute personal injury actions for plaintiffs. In his free time, Rami Shmuely enjoys boating and fishing.

Compared to bank fishing, boat fishing offers you a much wider area to practice your craft and land your catch. These three tips will help you land a fish if you are new to boat fishing on lakes.

1. Kayak – If you cannot afford your own boat and do not have a fishing buddy who owns one, consider kayak fishing. Kayaks are relatively inexpensive and much easier to transport than larger boats. Their small size can even prove advantageous over larger power boats, as they can access harder-to-reach places where the fish are not fished as often and may be more willing to bite.

2. Heat – While bank fishing greatly limits where you can cast, boats eliminate that problem. As the day heats up, fish typically move to deeper waters where the temperature is cooler. Tools to help you judge depth include fish finders and topographical maps of the lake.

3. Safety – Regardless of the type of vessel you are fishing from, safety should always come first. Aside from wearing a life jacket, educate yourself on local laws, rules, and wildlife. For example, if you are fishing in Florida, you would want to look out for alligators.

The Origins of Softball

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Attorney Rami Shmuely brings over 13 years of experience to his role as managing partner with Chavin Mitchell Shmuely, P.A., in Miami, FL. Outside of work, Rami Shmuely enjoys biking, boating and fishing, and playing sports such as basketball and softball.

While softball shares many similarities with baseball, its origins actually date back to a Harvard–Yale football game held on Thanksgiving Day in 1887. After hearing that Harvard had beaten Yale, a Yale alumnus is said to have thrown a boxing glove at a Harvard supporter. In response, the Harvard fan swung at the glove with a broom handle. This action led to an impromptu game of “softball” played on a chalked-off baseball diamond at the Farragut Boat Club in Chicago.

A reporter named George Hancock participated in the game and later developed early rules and equipment for the new sport. As the game gained popularity, it was known by names such as “mush ball,” “diamond ball,” and “kitten ball,” but the term “softball” eventually caught on around the late 1920s.

The Amateur Softball Association helped standardize rules for the sport, which became popular worldwide between the 1930s and the 1960s. Softball made its Olympic debut in the 1996 Summer Games, but it was later dropped from the Olympic roster. Luckily for fans, however, the sport will return to the Games in 2020.